Elvis has not left the building!

Today in class my third grade student jumps up and yells, “Teacher says a lot more work and a little less conversation people.”  ( the class was noisy) A hip swirl would have been even more hilarious but the student asks, “Who’s Elvis? A dog?”

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Too Much Information

Working on Sl blends with my third graders a child offered the word, “slobbered” as an example. I was thrilled with the more unique answer compared to the other Sl words I had been receiving. I enthusiastically asked the class for an example of something that slobbered. One should never assume. I thought the word, “dog” would be joyfully shouted out by the entire class. Instead one boy yelled out, “My Dad. He slobbers all over the sheets when he sleeps.”

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Where was that again?

Teacher- please read article, discuss setting, and fill out your 100 Book Club

Student to other student- no the setting is New Hampster!

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Galileo, it’s the new “Queen!”

Galileo Test


Is this the real test?

Or common assessment on fact versus fantasy?

Caught up in testing

There’s no escape from reality.


Open your eyes teach,

Say bye to those bubble sheets.

I’m just a poor kid

We need tons of sympathy.

Because pencils are, easy come, easy go

Number two don’tcha know?

Anywhere the mark goes

Really does matter to me, to me.


Teacher just got an A

Studied really hard

Passed it didn’t let down my guard.

Teacher, the test had just begun

But now I’ve gone and aced it so I’m done.

Teacher, oh oh oh.

Didn’t mean to make you cry

If I finish the next one this fast again tomorrow

Carry on; carry on cause the test is all that really matters.


To late the time has come

Send shivers down my spine

Teacher testing all the time

To late everybody I got to go

Now it’s time to go and face the truth!

Ohohhhh, teacher I don’t want to test.

Sometimes I wish I never graduated to this grade at all

Carry on,  carry on

Whichever way the grades fall.


I am just a silhouette of a kid

Schatadossh ,schataddosh will you lend me your prep notes?

Teacher testing, accountability, Aims prep very, very frightening

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo let me go!

He’s just a poor kid teacher really loves him

From a large class sized family.

Spare his education from this monstrosity.


Easy come, easy go teacher will you let me go!

Testing, no we will not let you go.

Let me go! No we will not let you go!

Let , me go, let me go no( no, no, no.,no.no

Ahhhhh Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia

Galileo has put the accountability into me. (No, no, no, n0, no)


So you think you can test me all day and leave me to die?

I am so bored all I can do is cry.

Oh baby teacher.

Take a look at us baby teacher.

We got a right; we got to get right out of here.


Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, yeah, ooh ohhhh, ohhhh!

Nothing really matters but testing

Nothing really matters but testing

Nothing really matters at scho

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Parental Control

Stealing from a friend’s classroom with permission.

Teacher- I can only take three parents on our field trip

Student- (worried)  but teacher I only have two parents.

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You Hot Dog!

The transition word was Hotdog. I was asking my new students to start their work on the word “Hotdog.” I play this little game in my room where I purposely say the  wrong word a few times. This helps with their listening skills and checks their impulsive behaviors.

Soooooooo, I said “Pizza” and no one moved. Wow, I was pretty impressed for the second day of school. They seemed to pick up pretty fast on my “Goofballishness.”  When I asked why my class was not following direction in my fake angry voice one boy jumps up and yells,” Welllll, teacher you have not called us, “Weenies” yet. lol

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Are you talking about me?

During my evaluation ( of course it was ;)-) I was questioning the children. I was asking about Story Elements and the 5 W’s. ( Who, What, Where, When, Why) When I asked the class which word described the character, who just so happened to be a teacher, one of my students happily shouted out, ” The teacher is a Ho!”  Even my principal had a hard time keeping a straight face. The child then looked on the word wall and said, “No, sorry I mean who.” I could not teach for five minutes. Needless to say I got a perfect score on my evaluation. lol

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Look teacher I am a super tester

From a fellow second grade classroom. While giving our new students their pretest one of the children came up to the teacher and announced that she was finished filling out her scan sheet. Proudly she exclaimed, “Look teacher I did not even need the test booklet.

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You Deserve a Break Today

Dear McDonalds,

Thank you for the straws you guys gave us to make Vertex Edge Graphs. You guys are the best. Oh yeah, I love the Chicken Nuggets you guys make. I wonder what is your secret ingredient. You gave us a lot of straws.

Your Costumre,(lol)





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It’s What’s For Lunch.

Doing the lunch count yesterday it worked out that all of my students wanted a Hot Dog for their meal…

Me- “Well, we are all Hot Dogs. Boy, that’s the truth.”

Girl Student- Hey guys we are all Weenies!

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