Look teacher I am a super tester

From a fellow second grade classroom. While giving our new students their pretest one of the children came up to the teacher and announced that she was finished filling out her scan sheet. Proudly she exclaimed, “Look teacher I did not even need the test booklet.

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You Deserve a Break Today

Dear McDonalds,

Thank you for the straws you guys gave us to make Vertex Edge Graphs. You guys are the best. Oh yeah, I love the Chicken Nuggets you guys make. I wonder what is your secret ingredient. You gave us a lot of straws.

Your Costumre,(lol)





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It’s What’s For Lunch.

Doing the lunch count yesterday it worked out that all of my students wanted a Hot Dog for their meal…

Me- “Well, we are all Hot Dogs. Boy, that’s the truth.”

Girl Student- Hey guys we are all Weenies!

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Where’s The Beef?

My friend told her class they would be having a Veteran coming into class the following week to talk about his experiences.


Friend- “Class, does anyone know what a Veteran is?”


Student- “Yes, it is a person who does not eat meat.”

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What?????? What Was That Again?

OK, I totally stole this one from a friend who teaches middle school in Colorado. ( With her permission of course) Hey, I need all the laughs I can get. I takes them where I sees them-lol!

So after learning about the, “Latice” strategy for Multiplication my friend gave her students the assessment. The questions required the students to write 1-3 sentences about their strategy  or how they came about getting the correct answer. Here is one child’s thought process.

( Child is displaying problem solving with numbers and underneath his equation he writes——-)

“I got this answer by using the ladies.” ;0)

Happy President’s Day to all! ( Ok, no connection, political jokes inserted here please. You know you want to)

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Who Says Innovation Is Dead?

Me- “You have to use your imagination on this one.”


Second Grader- “Wellllllll, Ms S.  I used to have an imagination but it broke.”

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Founding Fathers Finally Can Smile Again!

Hello Dear Reader.

For my first blog it has to be my all time favorite classroom story. It was Constitution Day 2010 and life was good. I had a very smart, funny, outgoing class. We had just learned numerous facts about the US Constitution and our government. To help cement the ideas I had the children actually become part of the three branches of government. Their jobs became the classroom jobs of the week and connected to what the actual politicians do. For example, the legislatures had to make up some more classroom laws/rules. The judicial branch members had to enforce these rules and determine if they were fair.  I was the executive branch of course. (Hey, I earned the right-lol) I did pick a student to be my VP though. It was so much fun seeing all my Senators and Congressfolks out there and the kids learned a lot.

On Constitution Day I used the same idea to have the kids become the Constitutional Delegates. They had to wear signs around their necks telling everyone what state they represented from the original participants. What a day. The bell rang and I walked the kids to the front of the school to be picked up.

One boy refused to remove his sign at the end of the day. My Virginia Delegate was still wearing his sign proudly when he jumped into his Mom’ s car announcing loudly, “Look Mom! Today I learned that I am a Virgin!”

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